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Rediscover the joy of being a business owner.

What is Reboot?

Reboot is an 8-week interactive coaching program for ambitious, passionate, and self-starting business owners who are looking for a proven method for better managing their company in a way that eliminates time, money and energy drains and leaves them well-rested and well-paid. With Reboot, you can become a master of efficiency while simultaneously raising your value, doubling your fees, and attracting only your ideal audience. The internal mind work + external executable action steps guide you to becoming a highly sought-after professional while restoring your physical and mental energy, ultimately helping you design your business around a lifestyle you love. 

Shauna Mackenzie's REBOOT

Investing in Reboot is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Before it, I was maxed out, burned out and stressed out -- long overdue to make a change but with no blueprint to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. For the first time in years, I'm well rested and enjoying my favorite activities. And I haven't had to make any major sacrifices to get here. In fact, the income from my freelance business is the highest it's ever been!

Heather Mueller, Mueller Writing

You need Reboot if ...

OVERWHELMED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENTIt started w/ a deadline. Then it became "just 3 months of going head down". Now you're perma-stressed.

Remember that dream life you crafted in your mind when you started your business? You know ... the one you journaled about or created a vision board for when you became a business owner? The one filled with passion for what you do, flexible working hours, a hefty bank account, travel adventures, and a thriving social life. While your business may not have led you to that dream life YET, it’s still possible and can happen much sooner than you think.

When you take eight weeks to fully Reboot, you can and will experience:

  • A new, healthier, guilt-free approach to running your business that perpetually inspires and energizes you.
  • The power of “No” and how to fully embrace it with confidence and tact, allowing you to only say, “Yes” to the people, activities, and things that serve your master life plan.
  • How to utilize the tools, resources, and a system to create a self-sustaining business that affords you the opportunity to only work from your zone of genius.
  • What it’s like to finally book that trip to Bali you’ve been dreaming about or AND regular 3-day weekends.
  • The joy of only working with your favorite and ideal clients who pay a premium.
  • A new, more productive version of “business hustle” that doesn’t require 80 hour work weeks or feeling absolutely drained when you close out your day.
  • The bliss of putting self-care first on your to-do list and witnessing first-hand how a restored mind, body and soul positively impacts your business.
  • More fulfilling, supportive, and nourishing relationships in and outside of your business.

Your new definition of success: Doing what you love, in a place that you love, with people you love.

Reboot has challenged me to take ownership of the life I want.

I'm a writer and a busy mom, and I'm always complaining about not having enough time. Shauna has done her homework, applying solid research and her own real-life successes, and that's what sets Reboot apart. Reboot shows you how to make room for the right kind of people, activities, and things in your life and it truly teaches you how to do it. Reboot has challenged me to take ownership of the life I want and armed me with practical tips and resources to start making it happen, today. 

Angie Mizzell, AngieMizzell.com
REBOOT Testimonial

What makes Reboot different?

Real, meaningful and sustainable change cannot be delivered in a “set it, forget it” format. If you’re looking for a DIY solution, or access to content without engagement, this is not the program for you. Yes, Reboot is facilitated online. No, it is not an online course.

The Reboot curriculum has been cultivated from years of research, real-world case studies, and the feedback from more than 500 business owners. It is an ever-evolving program, custom-tailored to each class and the participants in it (which is why we give you lifetime access to re-take the program as many times as you want).

Don’t take our word for it. When asked to describe the Reboot process, here’s the three most common things we hear:


A customized approach that is truly life-changing:

It’s not uncommon for Reboot alumni to say this investment was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. The combination of a proven method plus the interaction with Shauna will have an immediate impact on your life as you’ll gain an entirely new and energizing perspective about what’s possible in your life and business.

Practical but rich:

Don’t be fooled … Reboot requires you to get your hands dirty and get to work. But with minimalism and simplicity as a core value to the Reboot program, the succinctness of the lessons and action steps will reflect that. You won’t feel overwhelmed in the process but instead refreshed, energized and appreciative of the carefully crafted step-by-step nature of the curriculum.

Researched but proven:

Reboot wasn’t built in a week, a month or even a year. It’s been a work in progress for 3+ years and tested in various formats with a diverse group of business owners. The method is a combination of academic theory tested in real-world scenarios for effectiveness and practical theory collected from the feedback and engagement of other entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors.

shauna mackenzie's REBOOT

I have a clearly defined vision & am gaining freedom to actualize my ideal life.

I'm thrilled to have found Reboot! The program addresses all aspects of your life. I had a clear equity deficit in the quality of my personal and family life as I allowed the time running my business to consume my days. I was ready for positive change. Shauna provided a daily step-by-step process with succinct actionable instructions. I've learned to recognize the triggers of unhealthy yeses that lead to unnecessary stress or categorically hindered me from achieving goals. I now have a clearly defined vision and am gaining freedom to actualize my ideal life and best kept self.

Beth LeonGuerrero, Wildflowers Inc
REBOOT Testimonial
Shauna Mackenzie's REBOOT

How does Reboot work?

When Reboot begins, you’ll be fully immersed in a supportive and empathetic community of entrepreneurs who share a common goal: rediscovering the joy of their business. For 8 weeks, you’ll be guided through the 4-phase framework via short (but densely packed) videos and downloadable audio. Consecutively designed and thoughtfully crafted, the lessons are designed to slide right into your busy day; listen and watch on your morning commute, while working out, or doing laundry. While soaking in the theory, you’ll execute on the assigned action steps in your 50+ page blueprint and also the private Reboot community. Inside your member dashboard, you’ll find relevant tools, resources, and books along with bonus mentor masterclasses. More than 10 video/audio deep dives with a diverse selection of hand-picked specialty experts who eagerly dedicated an hour of their time to assist you in the various phases of Reboot. In addition to 24/7 open-door access to Shauna in the private Facebook group, join her and your colleagues on a live call every other week to get personalized feedback, insight, and accountability to successfully follow through on the Reboot action steps.

Who was Reboot built for?

Your REBOOT mentor: Shauna Mackenzie

I used to think that success was found in being busy. That was the story I had convinced myself for the majority of my adult life and in the early years of my business. That was until that story became a dark hole I had to climb out of. When my plate got full a couple years into my business, I thought the solution was to get a bigger plate. Meaning, spend less time sleeping, eating or hanging out with friends and more time working, taking business classes, or networking. I discovered my “bigger plate” solution was just a coverup for self-employed denial and it eventually led me right into the doctor’s office. As I picked up the pieces of my unhealthy, overwhelmed, and stressed-out life, I took specific steps and implemented sustainable strategies to pull a lifestyle 180 in less than 6 months. Actualizing the benefits of this transition felt amazing, made me more money, and restored my energy. It then became my mission to help other overwhelmed business owners thrive so their business can thrive (enter the founding of BestKeptSelf.com). I’ve had the honor of training, lecturing, mentoring and coaching more than 6000 business owners over the past 9 years and while their experiences are different, one common denominator exists among them: the endless search for more time, money and energy. This search is the exact reason Reboot exists today and I’ve had the pleasure of spreading its message across Huffington Post, Fast Company, the FYI network and more.

Working privately with Shauna is like having your own marketing ninja on speed dial

Working privately with Shauna is like having your own marketing ninja on speed dial. She is incredibly good at everything she does and she can see 5 steps ahead in your business where you may be overwhelmed by the big picture. She listens actively, answers honestly and, as a longtime successful entrepreneur herself, just GETS IT, which is so refreshing. Plus, she's just awesome. 🙂 I have loved every session I've ever had with her over the past 2 years and anyone would be lucky to have her as a mentor.

Gervase Kolmos, Shiny Happy Human
REBOOT Testimonial

I would not be where I am today without her help

I have been lucky to work with Shauna for about a year on my new business, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be where I am today without her help. I have sat down one-on-one with her and also utilized her Reboot program to become a better and more effective entrepreneur. Together, we nurture and massage my good ideas into brilliant ideas.

Amber Allen, Bright Heart Mother Care

Why I created REBOOT


The Reboot investment

Reboot is currently closed for 2016. The next Reboot will happen in February 2017 and lasts for 8-weeks. Once you join, your access is indefinite, meaning you can re-take the program year after year entirely for free. There are two ways to Reboot:

THE COMPLETE REBOOT: In Level 1, you get access to the entire program, including all 4 modules of the Reboot method of business operations. In addition, you'll get access to the 2 live deep-dive calls, the private community, and more than 10 guest masterclasses. The investment for Level 1 is $1995. Payment plans are available.

VIP ACCELERATED REBOOT: In Level 2, you will work with me one-on-one via 4 personal coaching calls and have 24/7 direct email access. Upon successful completion of Level 2, you will have the opportunity to apply for my Reboot Coaching Network (learn more in the FAQ).

NOTE: To maintain the value and high-level of coaching involved, registration is limited to only 15 business owners in Level 2 and they are chosen by application only. The investment for Level 2 is $4995. Payment plans are available for those that are picked.

Registration is currently closed for 2016 but will be opening in January 2017.

This program is not fluff - it’s actionable, studied, & proven to help you regain your freedom.

Reboot is not just a business cleanse, it’s a lifestyle shift. Shauna has a way of encouraging deep change with a very doable, realistic learning style. This program is not fluff - it’s actionable, studied, and encompasses proven strategies to help you regain the freedom from your life and business. In addition, the format and packaging of the program is perfect for learning on-the-go and incorporating the lessons into my busy schedule. The presentation and curriculum are both well thought out. Major kudos to this life-changing program!

Sylvie di Giusto, Executive Image Consulting

From all angles it's a win-win.

The content in Reboot is amazing. Perhaps even better than the content is the presentation.  Shauna is an excellent speaker, teacher and coach. The workbook is key and the lessons are not long but give a good amount of work and thinking with each message. I have been able to work at my own pace with continued accountability. Shauna makes the program feel rich in information and at the same time very conversational! I would recommend it, from all angles it's a win-win.

Pam Mogle, Lowcountry Innovation Center